Leading researchers trust Manuscript Editor Online with their most important documents.

Benefits of Professional Editing

  • improve writing quality
  • improve clarity, readability, organization
  • concise, cohesive, error-free text
  • clearly communicate complex ideas
  • clarify scientific merit of research
  • emphasize novelty and significance

  • reduce stress of writing scientific publications
  • reduce time spent on style, grammar
  • increase favorable attitude of journal editors and reviewers
  • reduce time and energy demanded of journal editors and reviewers
  • increase likelihood of acceptance
  • reduce demands for revision
  • reduce time to publication
  • publish in journals with higher impact factors

The outsourcing of editing services has many practical advantages. Good writing consumes large amounts of time, which is the single most precious resource available to an academic. Frequently, the quality of writing can be improved more quickly and easily by and editor who has not been directly involved in the research.

Outsourcing writing and editing tasks increases the time available for other tasks such as the management of research projects, mentoring, reading the scientific literature, developing grant proposals, or securing additional extramural funding.

A well-edited manuscript is more likely to be published in a journal with a high impact factor. When errors of style and grammar are rare, peer reviewers can focus on evaluating the novelty and significance of the research.                         

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