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Most scientific documents are written and revised carefully because they play a foundational role in scientific progress. Scientific documents typically are edited at least once before being distributed. With the development of the Internet, companies that provide online, medical, and scientific writing and editing services (OMSWES) have proliferated. The most popular search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL, and currently list the home pages of over 100 OMSWES. However, little independent information regarding these services is available.

On August 16, 2007, I searched the listings of the Google search engine using the keyword phrase "scientific editing" . I examined the first six pages of the search results and determined (a) the name and credentials of the principal and (b) the geographic location for each OMSWES.

On the first six pages of the results of the Google search, I found the websites of 27 OMSWES companies (Table 1). In this sample, the name and credentials of the principal of the company was found on 88% of the websites . The physical address of the company (and the geographic location) was found on 81% of the websites . Approximately half of the companies were based in the United States. The remainder were based in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Portugal.

Table 1. Summary of selected characteristics of the 27 online, medical or scientific, editing services with the highest Google(R) page rank.

Company NameHome PageLocationPrincipal
A Second Away
Derek Cash, Ph.D.
Debra Fisher, M.S.Ed Springs, CO, USATimothy C. Taylor, Ph.D.
BioScience, TX, USAAudra Cox, Ph.D.
Creatif, ONT, Canada

English Manager Science, NSW, AustraliaScott Butler, Ph.D., UK
Graham, NSW, AustraliaGraham Andrews
J&L Scientific Diego, CA, USALynn M.L. Lauerman, Ph.D.
Manuscript Editor, OK, USAJames A. Duthie, Ph.D.
Manuscript, FL, USALaura Blakemore, M.D.
Niyo Scientific, CO, USAKayleen A. Niyo, Ph.D.
OnLine Creek, ACT, AustraliaBrad Hooper
Physical Science
Ben Mathiesen, Ph.D.
Plain Simple
Teresa Davidson, Ph.D. Beach, CA, USACharles Replogle, MPH
Scientific Editing, CO, USAMelissa Stauffer, Ph.D.
Scientific Beach, CA, USACharles Replogle, MPH
Scitext, UKAnthony Garrett, Ph.D. Island, NY, USADaryl S. Henderson, Ph.D.
Stallard Scientific, New ZealandAaron Stallard, Ph.D.
Tarpan Hill, NC, USAJudith E. Tintinalli, MD
Technical Editors Beach, QLD, AustraliaJean Webber, M.Sc.
The Medical Grove, CA, USACarl Richmond
William, PortugalWilliam Silvert, Ph.D.
Write Science Right

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Ann Power Smith, Ph.D.